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    • Product name: Auto Lost-Foam Block Moulding Machine SPCB301206
    • Product Number: SPCB301206
    • Added time: 2011-02-28
    • Views : 708


    1. This machine applies PLC controller and touch screen control system to finish the autocycle process of opening-closing mould, feeding, heating, heat preservation, cooling, demoulding and releasing.
    2. This machine is welded by high quality square profile steel and steel plate, which is subjected to heat treatment,to ensure the machine has no deformation,and has high durability after being assembled.
    3. This machine applies unique and advanced “7” shape,reversed “7” shape, and omnidirectional EPS heat penetration process,which improves the cementing and slaking uniformity of product,reduces steam consumption,and quickens the shaping speed.It resolves the heating temperature uniformity problem of large size Lost-Foam block.
    4. This machine applies high-efficient vacuum cooling system and large current air cooling device,which shorten the block cooling time and reduce the moisture content. Vacuum supported machine is high efficient for making high-density plate.
    5. Most of the main components are of world-famous brand,with reliable performance,stable quality,long service life and low maintenance cost.
    6. This machine applies hydraulic pressure transmission, hydraulic ingot stripping,it makes steady running and tight locking.
    7. High production efficiency.The production cycle of each plate is 4-8min.Automatic pneumatic charging shorten the production time.
    8. According to the parameter of EPS raw material,such as ingredient,beads diameter,specific gravity,and foaming activator,this machine applies expert control system,which realize self-adjustment to steam volume and heating temperature,improve the quality of product.The high automatization simplify the machine operation. This machine has radio communication port,which realize remote supervision to machine performance and product quality.

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